Riverside House – Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to Riverside House generally, including Riverside House's web site.

The web site does not require the use of cookies.  It may set temporary session cookies though these are not essential for the operation of the web site and may be blocked by users without any adverse effect.  Such session cookies are not monitored or used in any way by Riverside House.

Whenever you visit a page on the web site, information is sent to the web server, some or all of which may be routinely recorded in access logs.  Those logs may be used by Riverside House or by third parties employed by Riverside House to analyse general usage patterns of the web site including, for example, which other web sites link to the web site and which web browsers users employ.  Riverside House will not use those logs to track legitimate users of the web site.

Those logs, including IP and network addresses, may however be examined by Riverside House or by third parties employed by Riverside House in the course of solving technical problems or in identifying, investigating, analysing, preventing or stopping any form of disruptive, malicious or unauthorised use of (or suspected use of) or interaction with the web site.

Riverside House may retain copies of e‑mails and any information submitted via its web site, including web comments, sent by or to individual users for the purposes of its normal business records.

Riverside House may contact individuals, businesses and other organisations directly by e-mail for marketing purposes.  If you would prefer not to receive such e-mails, please contact us.

In particular, if you contact us (by e-mail, using this web site or otherwise) and give us your e-mail address, in the future, we may use your e-mail address to send you information about any of our holiday cottages.  If you do not wish to receive such e-mails, please say so (by putting "No future e-mails please" in the text of your e-mail or in the relevant box in the form on this web site).  Otherwise, by giving us your e-mail address, you are giving your consent to receiving such e-mails.  If at any time in the future you change your mind, you can notify us by sending an e-mail to wendyboast@riversidehouse-peakdistrict.co.uk including details of your e-mail address and the text "No future e-mails please".

In common with most other businesses, Riverside House employs third parties to provide web servers, e‑mail servers and associated services including maintaining access logs and e‑mail and other records.  Such third parties may require access to those access logs and e‑mail and other records for their own legitimate business purposes, including provision of such servers and services either to Riverside House in particular or more generally.

Except as set out above or as required by law, Riverside House will not release (or authorise the release of) any information capable of identifying an individual user (including IP and network addresses and e‑mail addresses or information provided to Riverside House by e‑mail or via its web site) held in access logs or e‑mail or other records to a third party without the consent of any such identifiable individual.

Riverside House cannot, however, provide any absolute guarantee against unauthorised access to data.  In particular, Riverside House does not have direct control over web servers and e‑mail servers operated by third parties and, while Riverside House will use reasonable endeavours to prohibit and prevent unauthorised access, any party with access (or who can gain access by any means) to the third party web servers and e‑mail servers may be able to access such data.

Version 1.1
7th August 2011