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We have changed our list of supplied items at the holiday cottage and the way that we now provide them to be in line with Covid-19 safety for our guests.  We are currently unable to provide a welcome pack or the kitchen store cupboard basic items.  We can no longer provide the dog welcome pack.  We have also reduced the number of board games and taken away or made inaccessible all books and DVDs.  We will also be reducing our usual generous supply of crockery, glasses, utensils and cooking equipment in the kitchen.  We will provide a guest 'kit' with some essential items and we will be rotating the kit items so that you can be assured that the kit items that you received will have been more than 72 hours in storage. 

What to bring with you

Herbs and spices, gravy granules, stock cubes

Milk, tea, coffee, sugar 

Kitchen roll - in addition to the initial supply that we provide
Bin bags - in addition to the initial supply that we provide
Dish cloths - in addition to the initial sponge and dish cloth that we supply

Shampoo, conditioner, bath / shower gel
Toilet roll - in addition to the initial supply that we provide
Bars of soap - if you prefer them to the liquid soap provided
Hand sanitisers - in addition to wall mounted sanitisers outside our main entrance doors
Anti-bacterial wipes/cleaning items - in addition to those supplied

Dishwasher tablets - in addition to those supplied

Washing machine tablets - in addition to those supplied 

Tissues in addition to the small handy pack supplied 

Tea towels (in addition to the two that we supply) 


Butter / margarine
Marmalade / jams/ spreads
Sandwich fillings
Choccie bars / snacks for walks / crisps
Sandwich bags, tin foil, cling film
Biscuits / cakes
Squashes / cordials

BBQ charcoal, lighter fluid and matches 

Sewing kit

Torches - in addition to those supplied

Please bring your own x-box games if you intend to use the x-box in the games room.

Board games, DVDs, books - please bring your own, we will have a small supply of board games available that will be put on rotation.

Please bring your own 'old' towels for pets, pet bedding and poop and scoop bags.  Please bring your own pet food and pet feeding and drinking bowls.  

Our guest 'kit' and standard items.  See also the list of Services and Facilities.

Tea, coffee, sugar and coffee pods - an initial supply in individually wrapped sachets

Salt and pepper

Table linen/covering some place mats and coasters


Green caddy recycling bags for vegetable peelings - initial supply

Washing up liquid
Sponge and dish cloth (one of each only) for washing up
Tea towels (two provided)
Oven gloves (one pair)

Small handy pack sized tissues

Dishwasher tablets - initial supply
Kitchen roll - initial supply
Bin bags - initial supply

Washing machine tablets - initial supply

Hand sanitiser at the front entrance and garage door entrance

Anti-bacterial wipes (small pack)

Bleach and antibacterial spray

Rubber gloves (one pair) 

Hand and bath towels
Liquid soap in all bathrooms

Toilet roll - initial supply

Duvets and bed linen
Hairdryers - two in the guest kit

Fire guard

Cot - with bed linen if requested
Z-bed with bed linen if requested
Single child chair bed with bed linen if requested

High chair
Stair gates

Matches for log burner

 Fire lighters for log burner - initial supply

Logs - unlimited supply
Kindling - unlimited supply

Spare light bulbs and batteries

Crockery, glasses and kitchen utensils and cooking equipment - due to new cleaning regimes our usual generous supplies will be reduced, however, there will still be enough for family/group meals

First Aid kit
Two torches

Non-touch air fresheners in the bathrooms and plug in air fresheners in hallways etc. 

Christmas tree and Christmas tree lights - we are uncertain if we can supply in current Covid-19 conditions and will advise our Christmas bookings accordingly


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Riverside House holiday cottage, Peak District

  • Three bathrooms, one ensuite
  • Four bedrooms and sofa bed
  • Games room, wi fi, Sky, BT sports, log burner
  • Loads of space to spread out, huge lounge
  • Dog and pet friendly
  • deal direct with the owner, Wendy Boast

Call 07980 390 520 or send an email: